October 06, 2015

Quickbooks 2016 is now available

With Intuit QuickBooks 2016 you will have all key information at your finger tips and all details just a mouse click away.

The following new/updated features are available in all versions of QuickBooks 2016 for Windows (Pro, Premier, Accountant and Enterprise), except as noted:

  • Bill Tracker: Similar to the Income Tracker we already have. A dashboard feature that lets you see outstanding bills, item receipts, purchase orders and so forth.
  • Bulk Clear Send Forms: A simple way to clear the “Email later” flag from a large number of transactions, in one simple step.
  • Auto Copy Ship-To Address: If you create a purchase order from a sales order or estimate, you now have the option to carry over the ship-to address from the PO if you select an alternate address. Note that this will not be available in QuickBooks Pro.
  • This Fiscal Year-to-Last Month report filter: A new report date filter that people will find useful.
  • Rebuild Data and Verify Data Updated: When you verify or rebuild the QuickBooks company file, the program generates a great report on what has been fixed, and what cannot be fixed.
  • Custom Field Filtering on Item Reports: You now can filter a variety of item reports by custom fields. Note that Intuit initially said that that this is only going to be available in QuickBooks Enterprise, but early testing shows it in other editions.
  • Label Printer Support: You can now print labels on single roll continuous labels, rather than just page-oriented labels.
  • Streamlined Upgrade Experience: If you are upgrading an existing file, the process creates a backup file using a new, simpler dialog.

There is only one significant new feature that is found only in QuickBooks Enterprise:

  • Column sorting on Payment screen: Click a column header to sort this form.
    In addition, we have what I’ll call an “Accountant Feature,” something that is available in QuickBooks Accountant but not Pro or Premier (interestingly, Intuit is continuing the policy of making these features available in all versions of QuickBooks Enterprise, not just the Accountant version):
  • Batch Delete Transactions: This function lets you delete or void groups of transactions in a batch, from one place.