SAP Business One

What is SAP Business One?

The SAP® Business One application offers a single, affordable way to manage your entire business – from sales and customer relation ships to financials and operations. designed specifically for small businesses, it helps you stream -line processes, act on timely information, and accelerate profitable growth.

SAP Business One is built for small to medium sized businesses that have outgrown their accounting-only or legacy systems and are looking for a single, integrated solution to manage their entire business. SAP Business One provides executives and managers with instant access to critical business information so they can confidently make informed business decisions, and offers more than just accounting. SAP Business One is a comprehensive solution that covers virtually all aspects of your business including finance, logistics/operations and customer relationship management. Currently, SAP Business One has more than 46,000 customer that are serviced by 1500 certified SAP Business One partners, covering more than 25 different industries in 120 different countries. This is evidence that SAP Business One has worked for many companies just like yours, and that support and development is a priority when it comes to providing solutions and services that are of the highest standard.

SAP Business One is a Comprehensive Business Management Solution
SAP Business One supports every critical business function, allowing you to stay on top of your business and grow profitability. Non-technical users have the power to make critical changes on their own, and the system can easily accommodate new functionalities when required. You have access to precise, up-to-the-minute information and can quickly access accurate, relevant and complete business information from the desktop with an easy-to-use user interface that allows you to get answers fast. You work more efficiently and proactively. The unique Drag&Relate™ feature instantly places information and transactions in understandable formats and drill downs into the information to answer questions and perform what-if analyses. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, and Outlook is guaranteed.

With SAP Business One Decision Makers Are Instantly Notified
SAP Business One automatically keeps you on top of issues that require decisive action through workflow-based alerts to monitor and take action on specific business events. The information therefore finds the correct person at the correct time. Managers are no longer required to run reports to obtain mission critical management information. The system runs the reports at the pre-defined times and the reports are sent to the relevant recipients. With workflow-based alerts SAP Business One monitors and takes action on specific business events. Exception management automatically detects, logs, and reports on exceptions.

SAP Business One is Flexible and Adaptable
Users of the SAP Business One solution can specify their preferences for fields, data type, policies, queries and reports without time-consuming IT involvement. Changes made to SAP Business One go into effect immediately across all relevant areas, so you can adapt SAP Business One to fit the way you do business. Various levels of customisation within SAP Business one make it easy to add unique business processes to a standardised system. Integration capabilities offer flexible integration between external systems and SAP Business One.

Integrated CRM with SAP Business One

  • Uniform sales cycle and standardised customer engagement process
  • Ability to track opportunities with existing or new customers
  • Apply the customer’s specific business rules to your own organisation that are then enforced when dealing with the customer
  • Sales representative activity planning and tracking
  • Affordable and Easy-to-Implement Solution

SAP Business One’s approach to software provides many benefits including:

  • Lower costs by minimizing training requirements.  It even includes hyperlinks to free on-line video training in context of the related screens
  • Enterprise Search – Find any data instantly.  Enter an invoice number and the system will show you where it appears in any transactions
  • Improved customer relationships – When different people assist you customers but know all the past conversations, emails and business transactions that took place, your customers feel like you care about them
  • Industry specific solutions – Hands down SAP Business One has the largest ecosystem of 3rd party providers that have built solutions in their open and extensible architecture to cover nearly any industry in any country.  No solution comes close to the vastness of this well tested, certified and regulated community.  You all know why Apple and later Android succeeded where predecessors like Palm and BlackBerry failed…Apps.  Well that’s what the SAP Partner Community and their solutions are to ERP software.
  • Focus on your business and save time – Don’t waste time trying to use and figure out complex software.  Apple has proven that simplicity and ease of use outweighs the ‘throw in the kitchen sink’ approach to features that few use but yet slows down and clutters so many older designed technology products.
  • Increase your bottom line – When a system is integrated across modules, including ones that many competitors expect you to bolt another solution on for, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) it reduces redundant data entry, complex or manual reporting to combine data, errors and delays.
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