FingerTec - AdapTec TA

FingerTec -  AdapTec TA

Adaptability towards Enhanced Power Systems

The new AdapTec TA comes with dual power output DC 5V and DC 12V. This accessory works as a power supply medium to provide power backup to FingerTec’s terminals with time attendance function. In the event of power failure, a DC 12V rechargeable battery sustains AdapTec TA’s power supply to ensure a longer standby time. Consisting of a power supply/power input as well as a power output module, AdapTec TA can also connect to other devices that utilize the similar power requirement of a DC 5V 2A. With a siren bell and relevant devices that facilitate the external siren feature, the new AdapTec TA supports DC 12V Siren and DC 12V rechargeable backup battery.

The AdapTec TA consists of 2 main modules:
1. Power supply/power input module.
2. Power output module.
3. This portion is to be connected to a power source with AC110~240V. An AC current will be supplied into this side and a DC 12V 3A current will be generated as output.
4. These two cables, -V and +V are defaults and connected to the inner part of AdapTec TA. Please do not remove or replace these cables.
5. The LED lights up to indicate the following:
- 5V LED - The DC 5V output is working properly.
- 12V LED - The DC 12V output is working properly.
- Bat Low LED - The battery is weak and needs to be charged or replaced.
6. These are the power outputs from the AdapTec TA. FingerTec terminals and sirens will use these outputs. Please refer to the wiring diagram for more details.

Surface finishing: Zinc alloy
Dimension (mm): 198 x 131 x 43
Weight (g): 900
Input power: AC110 ~ 240V
Output power: DC 5V 2A, DC 12V 1A, DC 12V 1A (Siren)
Backup power: UPS or DC 12V rechargeable battery


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