QuickBooks Online Plus

Working online, or as others say, “working in the cloud,” is a seamless and easy way to access data, no matter where you are. It’s simply the internet at your fingertips — an efficient way to share data and even communicate with clients. When you and your clients work online, you’ll gain many valuable benefits.

Following are the benefits of Quickbooks Online

Always Backed Up

All of your clients’ data is automatically backed up so neither of you have to worry about computer crashes

Always Accessible

Working online lets you and your clients log in from any place at any time. You both gain more control of your schedules.

Always Up-To-Date

You and your clients will always be on the latest version with no need to ever upgrade.

Multi-User Access

Easily invite multiple users from within the firm to access the books with their own unique login and have them import their clients as well so that there is one centralized repository for all clients.

Simplify with Batches

Save time by reclassifying incorrect transactions and writing off groups of invoices in batches.


Automatically map your client’s QuickBooks Online transactions to their Chart of Accounts. Make tax-only adjustments inside QuickBooks Online Accountant that will not impact the books. Generate a tax return in Intuit Tax Online and only pay when you e-file.

Reconcile With Ease

View, troubleshoot, and undo reconciliations with our simplified Reconciliation Snapshot Tool.

We recommend QuickBooks Online to clients who:

  • Want to work on the go
  • Run service-based business
  • Comfortable working online
  • Have one or more locations
  • Look for zero maintenance

Browsers that support QuickBooks Online Accountant

  • Chrome

Windows: Any version

OSX: Any version

  • Firefox

Windows: Version 7 or later

OSX: Version 4 or later

  • Internet Explorer
Windows: Version 8 or later
  • Safari
Windows: Version 5.0.1 or later
OSX: Version 4.1.1 or later


Software Requirements

You must have a subscription to QuickBooks Online in order to create or work on a company file. QuickBooks Online Accountant provides accounting tools which you can apply to your  QuickBooks Online files.

Network Connection

We recommend a high-speed Internet connection, such as DSL or cable modem. You can use a slower connection, but it will take longer to get things done.

QuickBooks Online versions


QuickBooks Online Self-Employed USD9.99 Per month

(Online Simple Start is the most basic bookkeeping software Intuit offers and will work for extremely simple businesses that don't require the ability to enter and track bills form vendors.)

QuickBooks Online Essentials    
USD26.95 per month

(Online Essentials is an excellent starting point for small businesses that want to have online access to their books. With this version, you will get all of the necessary bookkeeping tools and the ability to easily upload bank and other financial files).

QuickBooks Online Plus              USD39.95 Per month

(QuickBooks Online Plus is the most robust Online version that QuickBooks offers and includes more than 65 reporting features. It has all of the features of Online Essentials, plus the ability to track inventory, create purchase orders, and prepare and print tax forms.)